KONG Genius Leo Large

The Large KONGreg; Geniustrade; Leo is a treatdispensing toy that can connect to other KONG Genius toys to provide a challenging play experience for your pup This large chew toy offers a unique puzzle to your pup to retrieve whatever kibble or treats it contains. The toy can also be connected to other KONG Genius toys to create an even more challenging puzzle. The KONG Genius Leo toy is recommended by vets worldwide as a dental toy that stimulates your dog's teeth, gums, and mind. For a great dental treat that fits this toy perfectly, try KONG Ziggies . Your dog needs mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy so why not provide it with a challenging chew toys Order the KONG Genius for your pup today Key Features: Holds treats and interlocks with other KONG Genius toys For dogs weighing between 30 and 65 lbs (1330 kg) Made in the USA


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