ASIH0615 AS-IH-0615 62 for SI-Series by LSE Lighting

Brand: LSE Lighting® - Professional Ultraviolet LightingBase Type: 4pinType: Ultraviolet GermicidalLength Approx: 62 - Super Life: 17,000hrsThis replacement UV Lamp by (LSE Lighting brand) is fully compatible for use with Ultravation SI-Series.This replacement germicidal bulb is used for ultraviolet air and surface purification and is well-suited for the applications that require UV-C intensity. Common Applications for use: Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Beverage Services and Processing, Food Services and Processing, Heating & Cooling Filters, HVAC Systems, Surface Disinfection. Common Locations for use: Factories, Farms, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Laboratories, Offices, Ships. All lamps listed are compatible brand (LSE Lighting) UV products. We do not sell Ultravation brand lamps. All Ultravation brand names, trademarks and logos are property of Ultravation respectfully.Warning: Ultraviolet Germicidal UVC light is harmful and dangerous to your eyes and skin. Please Use safety gear during installation.


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