Swimline Bubble Chair, Blue

The Swimline Bubble Chair is the perfect inflatable water chair for those lazy summer days when all you want to do is float around on the pool. Relax in this fun, inflatable chair! The Bubble Chair is a breeze to inflate with its easy inflation stem valve and its sturdy base keeps you stable, even when you readjust positions during your day on the water. Dual cup holders are built right into the soft, yet supportive arm rests, so you can sip and stay cool with your favorite iced summer drinks. The Bubble Chair includes a supple, yet substantial head rest that will keep you floating with maximum comfort. This attractive inflatable pool chair deflates and packs effortlessly to get you quickly on your way home. The durable vinyl with radio frequency (RF) welded seam construction is designed to give you years of pool and lake pleasure. The Tube Bottom has a 45 (114.3 cm) diameter for a stable platform.


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